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I’m an eager student, an emerging leader, an active volunteer, and an occasional writer. I’m interested in how we can build inclusive, diverse communities where all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential, and I love to grapple with questions of equity, solidarity, and justice. I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in public policy at the University of Toronto, and I aspire to fill a leadership role in the social change sector. This blog is my way of engaging with the world around me and a means to keep my writing skills sharp.

I have a BA (honours) in political science and professional writing from the University of Victoria. As a UVic student, I became involved with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Student Refugee Program, which has led me to other volunteer work in refugee advocacy and resettlement. This volunteer work has brought to life for me issues of forced migration, Canadian immigration policy, integration of newcomers to Canada, multiculturalism, and international development. I wrote my undergraduate honours thesis on the character of the public debate about multiculturalism in Canada, which won a prize for the best essay of its kind in British Columbia. My time at UVic opened my eyes to a whole host of other social justice issues like gender inequality and Indigenous rights and struggles, in Canada and around the world.

I’m also passionate about the power of words to communicate complex ideas in a clear and engaging way. I love to write, and this site has several posts that show some of my reflections over the past few years. My writing has been published in the University of Toronto’s Public Policy and Governance Review, UVic’s publications The Ring and the Torch, and in the Victoria magazine Concrete Garden (Winter 2015 issue). Whether it’s through writing or through facilitating important conversations, I believe that strong communication skills can bring people together and help them understand one another better.

Kayaking off the coast of Vancouver Island
Kayaking off the coast of Vancouver Island

Most recently, I have worked in program management, community outreach, and administration as Community Initiatives Coordinator with the Victoria Foundation. I also have professional experience in event planning, fund development, communications, and copy-editing. I’ve spent time studying and working abroad: in 2012 I went on exchange to Universiteit Utrecht in The Netherlands, and in 2014 I completed an internship through the Students Without Borders program in Malawi.

When I’m not in front of the computer, you can find me buried in a good book, teaching myself guitar, or exploring the great outdoors.

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