Maybe I’ll move to a small town

So – it’s been a whole eight months since I moved to Toronto for grad school. I finished my first year of my program yesterday, and it’s a good feeling to be free from assignments and readings for four months.

I wasn’t expecting it, but the homesickness I’ve felt since moving to Ontario has been acute. I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve missed B.C. I feel pulled in opposite directions: part of me is excited about all the opportunities and good jobs the big city brings, but part of me wants a different kind of life. Sometimes I dream about leaving the busy streets and tall buildings of Toronto for a quiet little town in my home province where I could hole up in a cabin in the woods and become a writer.

Or…a song writer? This week, in breaks between marathon study sessions, I took that daydream and wrote a song about it. It’s my first-ever full composition that isn’t just parody lyrics. And obviously such accomplishments aren’t real until they are shared with acquaintances on the internet, so here it is.

And here are some pictures to flip through while you listen, for your viewing pleasure.

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2 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll move to a small town

  1. I have the same recurring thoughts in my head. Grateful I’m able to be from a big city, but want something simple for my life…like living in a small town.

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