Last year, I went to wildlife photography exhibit at our local museum and bought a stack of postcards.

They’ve been sitting on my dresser ever since, and this past weekend I decided to send them, along with some encouraging words, out into the world.

I put a call out on Facebook:















I had no trouble giving them away. I liked some of the messages that I included, so I wanted to share them here.

My dearest —–,
I think when people do good in this world, it’s a little like throwing pebbles into a pond: you see the splash, but your pebble of good causes ripples outwards, affecting all kinds of people you may never meet or even know about. You, my friend, are casting pebbles all the time – which means there are probably hundreds and hundreds of people whose lives are better, in big ways or small ones, because of you.

Dear —–,
Yesterday I went for a walk in an unremarkable part of town, but I went looking for beauty. And I saw it – in children’s smiles playing in a front yard, in cherry blossoms budding and bursting and falling to the ground, and in a mural on the side of a school that read, “Every day is an adventure.” It makes me think: if we look at daily life with our eyes tuned to the frequency of wonder, the world becomes wonderful.

Dear —-,
I have this idea that all the experiences we’ve had and people we’ve met contribute to who we are now, like layers of paint on a canvas build on one another to give richness and depth to the overall picture. Even if the experiences are faint memories or the people no longer in our lives, we carry them with us; they leave impressions that make up part of who we are.

Dear —-,
Today I read a quote that I think will stay with me for some time: “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin. How amazing to think that if we can find strength and bravery inside ourselves, doors open and the world becomes bright! I with you all the courage – and the opportunity that comes with it – in the world.

Dear —–,
I was thinking the other day about how we don’t need to have money, or power, or status, to take steps to create the kind of world and community we want. We can take action, however big or small it may be, to choose love and be kind and work for justice every day. Then, of course, I found a much more eloquent quote saying the same thing: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank


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