Stories of the Student Refugee Program

I’ve been taking a course this semester called “Writing 326: Digital Storytelling.” It was a fascinating course—we were able to learn technical skills like photography and videography, including the accompanying editing software, and we also learned how to make our own professional websites. (Yep, you’re currently visiting said site. I’m pleased to say that I received a fairly high grade on it.)

For our final project, we were asked to come up with something creative involving some or all of the platforms we had studied and used. Open-ended assignments like this one make me nervous, but one day in class our instructor, the incredible Maureen Bradley, asked us to write down a list of things that were important to us. “Now choose one,” she said after a few minutes. “Why not do your final project about that?”

I looked down to my paper. I had circled, in scribbled letters, “WUSC.” So it was decided: my final project would be about the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Student Refugee Program, something that has changed my view of the world and, I think, the course of my life.

Members of my WUSC gang at the beach for our year-end celebration
Members of my WUSC gang at the beach for our year-end celebration

Stories of the Student Refugee Program is a multimedia project sharing my experiences with the SRP, with the aim of educating others about the program and about refugee issues in Canada and worldwide. Me rapping about WUSC, my friends starring in a video about refugee girls’ access to education, the challenging and triumphant moments of volunteering with WUSC—the site has all that and more. Check it out, read a few posts, and learn a little!

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