On being a model

It’s a bit awkward, but if you’ve got a good photographer, it can also be kind of fun.

A few weeks ago, I asked my friend Siobhan if she would take some pictures of me. Siobhan is a very talented photographer, and I wanted some professional-type pictures I could use for my online presence. She very graciously agreed, and we gallivanted around in the leaves and trees on a beautiful afternoon in Mystic Vale.

Having your photo taken can be kind of uncomfortable—you’re the sole object of the photographer’s attention, and you spend a lot of time worrying that you look weird. (Or at least I do.) But to take good photos, you need to be comfortable and relaxed, but also patient and willing to do what is asked of you. I’ve been on the other side of the camera before, and I know it’s challenging to put your subject at ease, especially when you need the shot just right: “Okay, now chin down a bit. And look a little to the left. Smile. Okay, more teeth. Less crazy eyes. Just flip that strand of hair back a bit. Perfect! Oh, wait, the lighting was off. Again.”

Which is why doing this shoot with Siobhan was awesome. She made me laugh (a large portion of the photos are of me with my eyes scrinched up and mouth open in laughter) and she captured me in my element—kicking leaves, climbing a tree, and reading a book.

Being a good photographer means having an artistic eye but also having a knack for relating to people—and since Siobhan has both, we managed to get some really nice shots. Here are a few of my favourites, all thanks to the talent behind the camera.

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