See what your mind can do

This summer, I worked as a special projects and logistics leader in UVic’s Student Recruitment-Events office. My job was to help plan the Weeks of Welcome orientation programs that happen in August and September. Over the summer, the UVic Student Marketing and Communications team, housed in the same office suite, was working on a recruitment video to show to high school students in Canada and around the world,  and they borrowed us student employees for the afternoon to shoot a few scenes. The video debuted on social media last week–here’s the end result:

If you look closely around 0:45, that is, in fact, me dropping my books and falling up the stairs. I’m fairly proud that this is my on-screen debut. Critics are saying the trip looks so realistic that the actress must be a natural klutz.

Every time I watch this, I smile. UVic really is a special place.

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