A Lunatic No Longer

Being plenty silly in the Netherlands for Queen’s Day in 2012

Since November 2009, I’ve been writing a blog called Letters from a Lunatica humorous look at the life of a university student through a series of letters addressed to people, places, and things that popped up in my life. I started the blog because I felt a little lost–I had so much to say and not always anyone to say it to as an anonymous student in a sea of thousands of undergraduates much like me. Four years later, I’m about to jump off the cliff into the murky waters of the Real World, and it’s time for my presence on the internet to grow up a little, too. Hence this new site: I am a Lunatic no longer, though I have plenty of silly in me yet.

In four years, I’ve grown a lot–in writing proficiency, in political beliefs, in depth of thought. It’s fun to look back over the 200+ posts I wrote on Letters from a Lunatic as a record of the important moments of my time at UVic. Here are a few highlights I’m particularly fond of:

In contrast to Letters from a Lunatic, this website will be my professional online space. If you ever need an editor, writer, or organizer with a sharp wit, keen understanding of politics, zealous work ethic, and constant connection to the internet, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.